Our instructors have been approved by Regional Director, Sifu William Kwok, to promote Practical Wing Chun. Their diverse experience and perspectives will help you learn the skills you need at a pace that’s right for you.


Head Instructor
Sifu Patrick Ng

Patrick Ng was born in New York City and is a lifelong resident of Queens. He has dedicated his practice to Practical Wing Chun under Sifu William Kwok since 2011. His time with his Sifu and peers developed his sense of perseverance, conviction and community.

At his first experience with Practical Wing Chun, Patrick quickly recognized the logic, systemized structure, and power of the martial art. He firmly believes Practical Wing Chun refines the mind and body, allowing us to become more effective versions of ourselves. In 2017, Sifu William Kwok invited Patrick to become a closed-door disciple. He had the honor of performing the Bai Si Ceremony to his Sifu and Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung.

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has professional experience in construction, consulting, business and marketing.


Sifu Alice Yuen

Alice Yuen was born and raised in Hong Kong. She met Sifu William Kwok in 2010, right away she was deeply in awe of Practical Wing Chun's ingenuity, and the rich culture behind it. Since then, Alice has been training under his guidance relentlessly.  She is currently an assistant instructor at his school, Gotham Martial Arts. 

In 2017, Sifu Kwok accepted her as his first female closed-door disciple. As a female practitioner, Alice recognizes the hardship a woman, or someone with a smaller physique may face. It is her mission to provide the knowledge, skill, and confidence to everyone so they can better protect themselves and others. When she is not practicing Wing Chun, she operates her creative design brand and teaches Cantonese.